Timeline Of My Death

April 12th: Attempted to jump from flat window. Police escort to Goodmayes Hospital. Assesed and discharged, returned home by pool car with view to Home Treatment Team coming the next morning.

April 13th: Left home in early hours. Went to Romford and jumped from bridge into underpass. Ambulance called by passer by,taken to Queens Hospital. Given X rays. Admitted to Amber B ward.

April 15th: Given CT scan 

April 16th: Seen by consultant. Informed of risks of operation including INFECTION and amputation. Told by consultant to discuss operation with family.

April 17th: Consultant ask of decision, gave consent.

April 19th: Signed consent form.

April 20th: Operation performed succesfully.

April 21st: Put in plaster casts.

Between late April and May 5th: Infection dedicated on surgical wound. Given oral antibiotics then given antibiotics by IV line. Cast on operated ankle removed.

May 5th: Given clearance by consultant to go home. Cast reapplied to operated left ankle.

May 10th: Meeting with home treatment team. Discharged by ambulance at around 10.45pm.

May 11th: Home treatment team attend home, suicide intent displayed. Taken to Goodmayes and admitted onto Monet Ward.

May 19th: Attend Queens Hospital for outpatient appointment. Wound inspected, given date for two weeks time June 2nd for casts to be removed.

May 20th: Sent home from Goodmayes by taxi.

June 1st: No sleep previous night due to excessive urination and racing heartbeat. Attended Whipps Cross A&E, seen by doctor who suspects spine maybe pressing on bladder. Given xray on back and nothing untowards found. Diagnosed with urine problem and discharged.

June 2nd: Attend Queens Hospital by ambulance with intention of having casts off. Excessive urination continues, leavs Outpatient Department and goes to A&E. Seen by doctor, no diagnosis, sent home with excessive urination continuing. Given new date for cast removal in two weeks time.

June 3rd: Awakes with full bladder, empties bladder which feels unusually empty afterwards. Does not pass urine for rest of day. Doctor from HTT attends home and manages to get date for appointment at Queens brought forward to June 9th.

Cycle of not urinating for a day begins 

June 9th: Has casts removed at Queens. Put in walking boot. 

June.28th: Wakes up with empty bladder. Attends Queens for appointment with Nuerosurgeon. Informs him of symptoms. MRI scan arranged for two days later.

June 30th: Attends MRI scan. Nothing found. 

July 11th: Attends Whipps Cross A&E complaining of being unable to urinate and numbness in lower parts of body. Given x rays and put on clinical decision unit. Admitted for MRI scan to be carried out the following morning.

July 12th: Seen by doctor and informed that MRI scanner is broken and as “no acute cauda equina” noted on previous scan there is no need for further action. Discharged.

July 18th: Attends Queens A&E complaining of numbness and being unable to urinate. Seen by doctor, given letter to GP and discharged.

July 20th: Attends Queens A&E. Given bladder scan and told by doctor that “you’re hot and dehydrated”. Sent packing.

Between late July and early August looks up symptoms and finds Septic Shock.

August date not recalled: Attends Whipps Cross A&E by ambulance. Tells doctor of not passing urine. Asked “Have you seen your GP?” and given bladder scan before being reffered to psychiatric liason team and then sent home.

Makes two further trips to Whipps A&E in August and both times sent packing.

August 27th: Attends Whipps Cross A&E still complaining of not urinating. Given bladder scan and sent home. Upon returning home makes another suicide attempt, escorted by police to Goodmayes and admitted onto Monet Ward.

Oct 3rd: Discharged home from Monet Ward.

Still not passing ANY urine and also not opening bowls.

Will death come soon?


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