Been In Hospital

I have not blogged for over two months as sadly I made an attempt to end my life on the 13th of April.

I jumped from a bridge into an underpass in Romford and broke both my ankles and fractured my back. I spent four weeks in Queen’s Hospital following an operation.

After coming out of Queens I went home but the following day exhibited further suicidal intentions and was taken to Goodmayes Hospital where I spent a week and two days. I returned home for good today.

The experience at Goodmayes really isn’t’ something I ever want to relieve. It’s hard enough being in a mental health hospital but when both your legs are in casts and you are on crutches it’s even harder.

The staff there were as helpful as they could be but the environment was intimidating and depressing.

Queens however was a lot better and I appreciated almost every nurse, doctor and health care assistant that looked after me. There were several who went out of their way to reassure me when I expressed anxiety about my physical recovery and other issues and a few times when I was upset they made me feel better.

The NHS truly is golden and the nurses, doctors and other members of staff who work for this service are a godsend. That’s why I will always support them when they take action for better working conditions and will oppose those who attack them for doing what is right.

These people care for us, work incredibly long hours and deserve to be shown respect by this government and the media.

I wish them all the luck with their endeavours.





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