The Sun Says IDS Was COMPASIONATE And Gave People Back Their DIGNITY

The Sun today reacted to the resignation of Iain Duncan Smith by saying that he was a COMPASIONATE man and that many who languished on benefits would have THANKED him for giving them back their DIGNITY.



What dignity did these people have in having their benefits cut off and been left penniless and having to go the food banks and not being able to heat their homes?

What dignity did venerable people and people with severe illnesses have when they were found fit to work by Atos and their Employment And Support Allowance stopped?

And where was the dignity for people who have DIED because of Iain Duncan Smith’s cruel and immoral benefit sanctions regime? Where was their dignity?

The Sun is full of shit and absolutely delusional if they think anyone would thank Iain Duncan Smith. They say that these people “languished” on benefits, no the only ones languishing are the mega rich who cream off the taxpayer whilst doing sod all to benefit this country and are just interested in bleeding us dry by making more and more money.

In the same editorial The Sun lie through their back teeth saying that IDS PROTECTED the venerable. Yes he PROTECTED them by plunging them further into poverty, destitution and despair.

He PROTECTED them by implementing policies that drove many of them to suicide.

Yes how he PROTECTED them!

The Sun can go f itself! It’s a lying nasty Tory rag that advocates attacking the poorest in our society in order to benefit the rich people the Murdoch media push propaganda for.

It insults even it’s own readers many of whom are likely to have been hit by benefit sanctions and welfare cuts by telling them the architect of their misery actually cared for them and gave them back their dignity.

IDS has gone and The Sun is desperately trying to defend him and the Tories who’s nasty welfare polices have become indefensible.

Fuck IDS and fuck The Sun!




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