Goodbye And Good Riddance, Iain Duncan Smith Has Resigned

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He resigned at 9pm this evening over cuts to benefits to disability to benefits..

Yes it’s fantastic news that IDS has gone but it shows how unpopular benefit cuts to disabled people’s benefits when even the head of the Department Of Work And Pensions is resigning over them.

When even someone like him says that cutting welfare for the disabled is “hitting the wrong targets” it shows just how wrong and immoral such cuts are.

But arrogantly he continues to stand by the cuts to benefits he made whilst in office and continues to say he is “proud” of them. For anyone to say they are proud of cutting the incomes of the poorest and most venerable in our society shows cold callous heartlessness which is what has been and is still behind this Tory government’s war on welfare.

IDS was a proponent of ending the “something for nothing” culture which peddled the nasty rhetoric that the poor, the sick and the disabled are “on the take” and that unemployed people are lazy and “workshy” and should be made to pull their socks up and get off their backsides and work.

But IDS was part of a government that rewards something for nothing by implementing policies which benefit the richest in our country who are rewarded for failure and greed.

And all the while they are rewarding and benefitting the rich they are slashing the incomes of the poor and punishing people both in and out of work.

Little will change without Iain Duncan Smith as this Tory government will push ahead with their attacks on the poor regardless.

But it’s great to see him gone as he represents everything wrong with our society’s attitude to those who for whatever reason need to claim welfare.

Goodbye and good riddance IDS!


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