Tory MP Says Some Disabled People Are “Taking Taxpayers For A Ride”

Tory scum sack this bastard now..

Michael Fabricant is Tory scum whipping up fear and distrust of disabled people who claim benefits.

He says that he knew some people who could work but because they claim benefits “choose not to”.

And he tells us “Perhaps you know some of them too”.

Oh yes we all should all be encouraged to look on disabled people with suspicion! Oh yes because that guy you see down Tesco doing in his shopping barely hobbling along on crutches when he’s out of sight of people he’s throwing his crutches away and leaping and jumping around the place like an Olympic gymnastic champion.

Or that woman being pushed down your street in a wheelchair by her husband? Yeah when she’s in doors she’s up on her feet dancing around like Little Mix.

Fuck off!

Michael Fabricant’s attitude perfectly sums up what the attack on disability benefits is all about. The attitude that people claiming this benefit are “swinging the lead” and are in fact not disabled but faking disability in order to claim benefits and avoid having to work.

It’s disgusting and it’s the type of nasty attitude these Tory scumbags foster in our society.


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