The Poor Are Being Screwed But At Least They Have A Sugar Tax

The headline news from today’s Budget was that there is going to be a tax on sugary drinks.

The TV chef Jamie Oliver who has been campaigning for a sugar tax was pictured celebrating after the news came through that George Osbourne announced that it would come into effect in two years ago time.

Yes what a reason to celebrate! The poor in our country are struggling to feed themselves and their families, they are being punished with benefit sanctions and being driven to dole banks and pay day loan companies in order to survive, but at least they have a tax on sugary drinks.

Because that’s what’s needed to save the poor isn’t it? A tax on fizzy drinks! Oh yes! Not closing the gap between the richest and the poorest in our country, not ending the punitive and cruel welfare sanctions regime but a tax on sugary drinks.

We have people in this country to poor to feed themselves and their families, we have children being made homeless or being put into damp over crowded flats by heartless councils and suffering from illnesses as a result.

Yet meanwhile we have millionaire TV chefs and the media telling us that children are too fat and are stuffing their faces with turkey twizzlers and fizzy pop.

And we are told that their feckless and lazy parents are making them fat and there have even been calls for the parents of “obese” children to have their children taken off them by social survives and for the parents to be arrested for child abuse.

All this is a consequence of a narrative peddled by the rich that the poor are unable and cannot be trusted to look after their children and that they are lazy, feckless and more concerned with just giving their kids microwave processed ready meals rather than spend time cooking them healthy food.

The rich and the media look down and sneer at the poor who they believe all feed their children from “lower class” high street shops like Iceland and Lidl and attack them for buying “cheap” food when that’s the only food they can afford to buy.

They attack the poor for the circumstances the poor themselves in which have been created by the socio economic policies of the rich ruling classes.

They berate them for making “bad choices” such as buying “cheap” food whilst severely limiting the choices of the poor by keeping wages low, slashing welfare and driving them further and further into poverty.

The sugar tax and those who advocate it are a consequence of the narrative that blames the poor for the poverty the rich have plunged them into. Meanwhile the mega rich drinks corporations will get richer and richer off this tax.

The fat cats are gorging off each other and they are the real obese lazy feckless bastards gorging on the fat of the land whilst the rest scrabble to grab the few scraps left.

Slap a tax on them!


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