Delusional IDS Claims Jobssekers Say Being Sanctioned Helps Them GET ON

Iain Duncan Smith is delusional as well as heartless Tory scumbag..

First of all where does IDS get the 75 per cent of Jobseekers saying that having their benefits sanctioned helps them “focus” and “get on”?

Do benefit claimants having their only income cut off and needing to go to food banks and facing their gas and electric being cut off think that it helps them focus?

I very much doubt it!

IDS claims that even people in Jobcentres support benefit  sanctions. Which people? Jobseekers signing on or the staff who work in the Jobcentres?

There have been a lot of staff who work for the DWP who have spoken out against the cruel and unjust sanctions regime and there have been whistleblowers who have come out and told the left wing press how they were under pressure by their managers to target the most venerable claimants and set them up for being sanctioned.

IDS is lying through his back teeth if he thinks Job Seekers like being sanctioned and being left penniless. He calls it “buzz from the left”, no it’s not buzz IDS it’s outrage and disgust at your policies that penalises the poorest and most venerable in our country.

He bleats that the left “hate us”.. yes we on the left DO hate the Tories! We hate everything that they stand for and what they are doing.

They are punishing the poorest in our society whilst rewarding and protecting the richest. This week they forced through a 30 pounds cut to Employment Support Allowance, a benefit relied upon by the SICK and DISABLED.

Meanwhile they give tax cuts to the rich and the big corporations!

That’s why we hate them and that’s why they are Tory scum!

Fuck the lot of them!


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