The Sun’s Disgusting Attack On Beggars

This is disgraceful even by The Sun’s low standards and the Labour councillor should be ashamed of himself for making such offensive comments about homeless people..

“You know it is someone that by and large isn’t homeless, but is trying to get some money to have an alcoholic drink and I believe we have got some professional beggars.”

How does Steve Evans know that someone asking for money isn’t homeless and is just trying to get money for alcohol?

What a disgusting attack on people who have been driven to desperate measures by poverty and inequality.

“I am open to looking at working with our partners to see if we can get them to take enforcement, because we have to prove someone is begging.

“They can be taken to court but it’s all about proof.”

Instead of taking beggars to court and punishing them how about a Labour MP calls for the end to benefit sanctions and for the gap between the rich and poor to close.

Some Labour MPs are still talking like Tories and they should be ashamed of themselves for such disgusting attacks on the poor.



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