Fried Chicken Shops And Poverty

This is not about benefits and benefit cuts but it’s relevant. I read that a fried chicken shop near me has been shut down because of terrible violations of hygiene laws.

The resident’s association for the road I live on has been laughing at this and there is a fair amount of dislike towards fried chicken shops from the more middle class residents of the area in live in.

These shops get a lot of hostility from the media and also politicians who want to ban them because they serve up unhealthy “junk” food and are being blamed for rising levels of obesity amongst children and teenagers who frequent them during school lunchtime.

Some people sneer at and look down at these takeaways and see them as grubby and dirty and frequented by the “lower classes”. Although these fried chicken shops are bad for people’s health I find looking down and attacking the people who go in and eat from them to be grotesque class snobbery.

The reason why these fried chicken takeaways are so popular and why there is so many of them is because the food they serve is very cheap (some of them sell chicken and chips for as little as £2) and they appeal to people on low incomes, particularly children who’s parents have little money.

With the rising cost of living and the gap between the rich and the poor growing wider so many people have less money even to afford the basics like food so it’s little wonder they turn to cheap and unhealthy food just in order to survive.

The middle classes tell us cheap food is bad and that we should feel guilty about eating it because of the environmental and ecological damage it does but so many people rely on cheap food just in order to be able to afford to eat and instead of attacking people and trying to make them feel guilty for buying it society should instead understand the circumstances people are in which causes them to buy cheap food in the first place.

We should stop rich celebrity chefs going on TV bashing the poor for buying cheap food and we should seek to close the gap between the rich and the poor by taxing the richest in our country.

The proliferation of fried chicken shops in many towns and cities around the country is because of poverty and social inequality. It’s the same reason why payday loan lenders and high street pawn shops are proliferating in our towns and cities.

Politicians rush to ban these fried chicken shops but they do not understand why so many people are buying this cheap fried chicken.

Benefit cuts and sanctions are forcing people to ever more desperate measures to survive and to afford the basics needed in life and this includes eating from takeaways which serve up fatty artery choking food some of which may be cooked in horribly un hygienic conditions.

People’s health is being put at risk because they eat cheap unhealthy food because it’s all they can afford.

Rather than sneering at people who eat fried chicken and seek to ban fried chicken shops we need to realise that their proliferation is due to social inequality which is getting worse and the widening gap between the rich and the poor.

Only by tackling this social inequality can we start to stop such unhealthy takeaways from being so popular and being everywhere.


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