We Are Supposed To Be Proud Of A Country Where The Homeless Are Arrested!

Today I watched the Artist Taxi Driver talk about a homeless man who was arrested by undercover police for begging for 10p.

Yes this is the society that we live in.

Meanwhile the Queen is getting a PAY RISE! A PAY RISE? WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK!

So we have homeless people begging for money and being arrested for it whilst the most richest and privileged woman in the country is being given even more money.

There is no words to say how fucked up this is! The poorest get treated like criminals whilst the richest get even richer and get rewarded for doing nothing.

Meanwhile the Tories and their media propagandists tell the poor that they’re to blame for the poverty they suffer and that they need to buck their ideas up, pull up their socks and work even harder for the peanuts they are paid.

Yet the government and the media celebrate the Monarchy and the mega rich and tell us we the public should and must worship them and that if we do not we are “traitors” and we hate our country.

If we do not agree with the wars that our government put our country into for the benefit of super rich corporations we are told that we are anti Britain and that we are terrorist sympathisers.

We must worship the rich or we are decried as haters of our own country.

And at the same time those of us who display compassion and concern for the poor are dismissed as “wet lefty liberals” and defenders of the “feckless scroungers”.

This all demonstrates what a heartless bunch of monsters the people who run our country and our media are. Those in and with power always only care about the rich and the powerful and work to keep them at the top at the expense of everyone else.

And yet we are supposed to be proud of our country. A country where homeless people can be arrested for asking someone for 10p.

Yeah so proud!


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