Junior Doctors Strike..The Right Wing Media Are Scum

The right wing media have launched a vicious smear hate campaign against the striking junior doctors.

This involves The Sun going onto the Twitter accounts of junior doctors and lifting pictures of them on holiday and claiming that they are “living the high life”.

The Tories have been using the right wing press to brand the doctors as “terrorist sympathisers” by using the attacks in Paris to accuse them of possibly neglecting seriously injured patients in the event of a major terrorist attack here in Britain.

The depths to which the Tories and their right wing media propagandists will sink to attack and smear striking workers is despicable.

They will resort to all sorts of lies and personal attacks to make striking workers look bad and to turn working class people against each other and attempt to damage solidarity and public support for workers seeking better conditions.

Because the Tories and the disgusting right wing Murdoch press haven’t got a leg to stand on to justify the attacks on workers they try and attack and smear them for standing up for their rights and turn ordinary people against them.

These smears and lies are being resisted by the junior doctors and by everyone who supports them and there have been some great mocking on social media of The Sun’s attacks.

The Tories and their right wing media pals are resorting to the lowest tactics possible to turn people against striking workers and it shows what a bunch of scumbags the rich really are.

But many people see through their lies and support the strikers one hundred percent.



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