Our Culture Of Not Being Believed

My father is in a care home right now, it’s a temporary one a long way from where I live until he can be placed in one near my home.

Last Saturday I was given a letter by one of the nurses that’s from the local council (I will not name them) that informed my father that someone was coming to assess him in terms of his finances to check whether is eligible to have his care funded by the council.

The appointment was for this Tuesday just gone which was way too short notice and I rearranged it for two weeks time.

The letter stated that the officer assessing my dad’s inability to pay for his care wanted to see all manner of documents to prove that he cannot pay such as bank statements.

At the end of the letter it stated that should he fail to attend the appointment and provide the requested evidence the council would not be paying towards the cost of his care.

I find this absolutely disgusting that they would make threats like this to vulnerable people in care homes many of whom like my dad who have suffered strokes and are completely unable to take care of themselves and many of whom no longer have the mental capacity to manage their own affairs and deal with demands like this.

What this letter was saying to me was that they don’t believe that my dad cannot pay for his care and that he needs to show them otherwise.

This is reflective of the society we live in where when people go to the government for financial help because of circumstances beyond their control they are disbelieved and regarded as fakers and liars and fraudsters.

This is evident in the way we treat the unemployed and the sick and disabled who need to claim benefits. We brand them liars and fakers and tell many of them that they are not really ill or disabled and they are deceiving the state in order to get a “hand out”.

This is disgusting and it needs to stop but whilst the Tories are in power it won’t.


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