Merry Christmas

It’s Christmas Day so merry Christmas!

Christmas is tough for me this year as my Dad has just moved into a temporary care home and I am worried how long he is going to be in there and when he can be moved to a home near me and my sister.

Of course there are a lot more people out there who have bigger worries than me and at this time of year those worries can be even bigger.

People struggling to make ends meet, pay their bills and keep a roof over their heads and their families.

This time of year is especially hard for people hit by benefit sanctions and the bedroom tax.

People relying on food banks and pay day loan companies just to afford the very basics in order to stay alive.

We must remember there are some great people out there doing fantastic charity work helping these people and fighting against benefit sanctions and the poverty they cause.

I wish these people a fantastic Christmas and to keep up the fight in the new year because oh boy are they going to be needed.

Merry Christmas!


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