A Christmas Letter To Benefit Scroungers From Iain Dunced In Shit

Dear Benefit Scroungers,

Nobody shall be spared even during the season of goodwill..


Remember  benefit scroungers you’re responsibilities to stop being a burden to the hard working taxpayer doesn’t stop just because it’s Christmas.

If you think the DWP and is going to let you off during the festive season you have another think coming.

You job seekers should be looking for work even on Christmas day. And in fact none of you on benefits should be allowed to celebrate Christmas because hard working people shouldn’t have to pay for you to eat turkey and buy PlayStations for your kids.

We all know that you will have a slap up Christmas with all the trimmings unlike working people who cannot afford to because they work for a living and you benefit bludgers are taking all their money and spending it on booze, fags and windscreen Televisions.

So at Christmas we won’t spare you one minute of good cheer because you don’t bloody deserve it you scrounging bastards!

Thanks for listening

Iain Dunced In Shit



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