Don’t Feel Sorry For Jose

The news is dominated by the sacking of the Chelsea football manager José Mourinho.

Chelsea are struggling in the league and are near the bottom of the table and although they won the title under Mourinho last season that now counts for nothing as he has been dismissed for his side’s poor showing so far this season.

But we shouldn’t feel to sorry for José, he will probably get a big pay off by Chelsea which means he won’t have to worry about how he is going to pay his bills.

But more the point he will not have to go and sign on Job Seekers Allowance and be subjected to the endless threat of benefit sanctions.

He will not face being placed on the work Programme where he will be made to look for work for 30 hours a week and face having his income taken away if he fails to meet the stringent job search requirements set by the DWP.

When rich people lose their jobs they do not face the same worries and threats that ordinary people do.

They do not have to worry about paying their bills, how they are going to continue feeding themselves and their families and how they are going to get anther job.

They do not have to go to the state for financial support and end up being subjected by a regime where people can have their benefits stripped for being a mere two minutes late for an appointment.

And often the rich find themselves bouncing straight into another job even if their incompetence has caused a company to go under resulting in job losses for working class people.

José Mourinho will not long find himself in another manager job with another club and even if he doesn’t he won’t suffer for being unemployed.

So let’s not feel sorry for him.




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