Poverty And Starvation Is The Biggest Threat To The Poor Not Obesity

This morning on breakfast TV I am seeing shocking sensationalised headlines about obesity and how it is in one Doctor’s opinion and even bigger threat to us than terrorism.

The response to this is to ban advertising and impose more restrictions on fatty foods.

The media is often dominated by shock stories of an obesity “epidemic” and how we the general public are stuffing our faces with fatty, sugary and unhealthy foods and not giving a damn about the damage it does to our health and that of our children.

But whilst these sensationalised headlines about us eating too much and too much bad foods go on we live in a country with food banks and where people cannot afford to feed themselves and their children.

We live in a country where social inequality is rising and where the poor cannot afford to put food on their tables. We are told by the government and by the media that the poor are feckless and spend their money on mobile phones, junk food and booze but this is far from the reality of the situation.

Yes there is a problem with people eating unhealthy foods but this is linked to poverty and the same poverty that causes people to not be able to afford to buy food.

And the cause of people eating bad foods isn’t advertising but poverty and social inequality. Doctors and health groups speak of banning ads and taxing fatty foods but they do not address poverty and inequality.

And we don’t need to tax the poor for eating “junk” food we need to tax the rich to close the inequality gap and invest money in healthy eating programs and helping the poor to afford healthy food.

Poverty is behind all of this and whilst the media and government fret over obesity the fact that many people struggle to afford to eat at all let alone eat fatty foods gets hidden away behind the shock headlines of “epidemics”.

The only epidemic is poverty .


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