Leytonstone Stabbing

Tonight I am in shock after hearing that someone has been stabbed in Leytonstone tube station by a knife wielding scumbag who shouted “This is for Syria!”

Leytonstone is just around half an hour away from where I live and something’s  like this happening so close to home is really shocking and terrifying.

Already there are some people on Twitter saying that this horrifying incident is the “inevitable consequence” of our country’s decision to bomb Syria.

But our government going to war on Syria can never be explained as reason for someone randomly stabbing an innocent member of the public anywhere let alone in a tube station.

I am against us bombing Syria and against our government’s horrible and murderous foreign policy but this appalling crime is one of a horrible and violent individual who clearly has the capacity to attack someone with a knife regardless of whether we are at war on another country or not.

If he was going to do something like this he would have done it at some point in time whether we bombed Syria or not.

Meanwhile there are racists using this incident to once again whip up hatred against Muslims and who are blaming Islam for the actions of this man.

This also is wrong and attacking all Muslims because of terrorism and incidents like this is bang out of order.

A Muslim man shouted “You aint no Muslim” at this man as he was being held down by police officers but this does not seem to have been noticed by anti Muslim bigots who are rushing to exploit this to further whip up hatred.

We don’t need knee jerk reactions to horrible things like this, we need to unite against terrorism as well as against war and all violence because the politicians and terrorists who want more wars and more violence will feed off hatred and division amongst us to justify violence.

Standing strong against all violence is what we need to do not hate each other.

This is not appeasing terrorism it’s resisting it as well as war and violence.


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