A Stay Of Execution

I know I said I was going to endeavour to not talk about myself here much but it’s all relevant to the blog and of course it’s on my mind.

So I have not heard anything about the outcome of my Work Capability Assessment on the 19th of last month.

I was shitting myself about my ESA being stopped before my most recent pay day (last Thursday) but I got I paid in as normal. I could feel the sweats hitting me as soon as midnight came and once it went in I slumped back in my back relived that I have been given at least a stay of execution.

And that’s really what this was, a stay of execution for my Employment And Support Allowance as I am still convinced that Maximus and the DWP will score me under the 15 points needed to keep it and rule me fit for work.

The fact that I got my money last week means nothing, they have probably not got to my assessment yet and when they do that’s it BANG fit for work, ESA stopped and onto JSA.

I attended that ESA Day at Maximus last week and there was a woman in from the Jobcentre to talk to us and take questions. I asked her about my WCA and what I could do if I lose it and have to claim to JSA.

One of my fellow claimants said that you can no longer appeal these days but the Jobcentre woman said that “technically you can” but you need to show evidence of why you are appealing and what the WCA got wrong and you cannot just appeal because you don’t like the outcome.

She then said to me that if I have to claim JSA I should ask to see a Disability Employment Advisor and they would help me. Yeah well I saw one of those years ago and she was a dead loss to be honest and placed me with a provider who was completely inappropriate for me.

And I don’t think the DEA’s now will be anymore understanding or sympathetic to me or anyone else with my mental health problems who’s claiming JSA.

As far as they would be concerned I and others like me just need to get off our backsides and get a bloody job and will not make any allowances or special dispensations for us to not be subjected to the same vigorous and ruthless rules on job seeking and sanctions if we fail to do enough to find work because of our health issues.

If you are ruled fit for work and you claim JSA you are ruled to be ready for work immediately and to do any kind of work regardless of your health issues and circumstances and if you cannot for any reason they will stop your benefit and treat you like a common criminal.

Anyway I am ranting now but it just shows how hard this is not just for me but for others like me.

We are regarded as scroungers and scum and a burden on the “hard working taxpayer” who we are told are angry that they have to work to keep the “likes of us” living a life of luxury and carefree bliss.

But it’s not luxury to be worrying about your future and what’s going to happen to you if your sickness benefit is going to be cut off and you have to claim Job Seekers and go to the Jobcentre where you will have that benefit cut off if you miss one day of job hunting even through ill health.

It’s not bliss, it’s fucking shit and those who claim it’s easy are ignorant bastards who can just fuck off!


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