WCA Tricks Show The Sick And The Disabled Are Treated With Suspicion

I am still not sure whether or not I should write about my Work Capability Assessment but I can say that I was asked a few questions that I felt were trick questions.

So I did a bit of research afterwards on trick questions that the WCA assessors ask claimants and I found lots of stuff which quite frankly shocked and digested me.

I do not like putting things found on benefit claimant websites and blogs on my posts without asking for permission to republish them first so I am not putting links to what I found on here.

But I can tell you that I learnt that from the moment claimants enter the assessment centre they are treated with suspicion and spied on like some sort of criminal.

The receptionists who they see when they enter the centre are briefed to watch how the claimant acts and behaves and the chairs are set up to catch out people with physical mobility problems if they say they have difficulty sitting for long periods.

The assessors themselves walk behind claimants as they lead them into the interview room to watch how they walk (to catch out people claiming for problems with walking) and they use all sorts of tricks to catch them out during and even after the assessment.

During the assessment the assessor will use all sorts of tricks to trip up the claimant and to get them to contradict what they have written on their questionnaire they sent in months before being called in for the assessment.

For example to someone suffering from depression and/or anxiety they will ask them if they have any hobbies or interest despite suffering from this illness.

If the person says something like “Well I have very few hobbies but I do follow my local football team” then the assessor can use that to conclude that the person is not depressed or anxious (because of course people suffering from depression or anxiety are not supposed to have anything good in their lives right?) and rule against them.

There are so many ways that the WCA assessors can trip claimants up and even actually trick them to say something that completely contradicts what they say on their pre assessment form.

This shows that disabled and sick people claiming benefits are treated with massive amounts of suspicion by the DWP and when they go to these Work Capability Assessments they are spied on and tripped up from the moment they enter the building.

And they are subjected to this suspicion, spying and tricks all for 72 or 100 quid a week.

There are rich people in this country who are criminals and dodge paying their taxes and engage in all sorts of dodgy and illegal activities and they don’t even get questioned let alone subjected to anything near this level of scrutiny, suspicion and blatant trickery.

Disabled people and people will any kind of illness that causes them to have to claim benefits in order to live any kind of life are treated worse than criminals and rich tax dodgers.

The WCA shows that this is the case and that we live in a society where disabled and sick people are regarded as scroungers and fakers.

The real scroungers are the rich and the corporations and they should be subjected to vigorous assessments not the sick and the disabled.

The WCA should be abolished now.



One thought on “WCA Tricks Show The Sick And The Disabled Are Treated With Suspicion

  1. Reblogged this on perfectlyfadeddelusions and commented:
    That’s exactly what happened in my PIP Assessment a few years ago, the woman assessor was tripping me up and making it sound like I don’t have mental health issues.

    My last ESA assessment the assessor mentioned the time I went, when I had my physical mental breakdown and was aching all over.

    It’s fucking sick how they treat us.


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