Ken Livingstone Is Ignorant And Arrogant

I’ve just got back from my Work Capability Assessment and I will blog about is soon.

But today I wanted to say something about Ken Livingston’s appalling insults towards a shadow defence minster where he suggested that he needs “psychiatric help” and said that he should go and see his GP as he is clearly suffering from some kind of depression.

Livingstone has since apologised but only after he was forced to after the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said he should and after a backlash in the media.

In an interview where Livingstone was confronted about the insensitivity and tasteless nature of his comments towards people suffering with mental health illnesses he arrogantly refused to apologise to the shadow minister as he felt he had insulted him first.

And when he was asked by the reporter if he thinks there’s anything wrong with stigmatising people with mental health problems he said “no”.

Such comments and arrogant attitude towards people rightly protesting against them shows Ken Livingstone to be hugely ignorant about the effects that stigmatising people with mental health issues can have on people living with mental illnesses.

To question the sanity of someone because they have said something that you do not like about your ability to be in your job role and then to callously dismiss the concerns of people suffering with mental illnesses is ignorant in the extreme.

Also incredibly callous are people like Piers Morgan who actually berated Livingstone for apologising and said that British politicians have no spine unlike American politicians.

This shows ignorance about the damaging effects stigmatising mental health illnesses can have is rife within the mainstream media, which ignorant idiots like Piers Morgan are part of.

And on the subject of the media it has to be said that they really are in no position to take the moral high ground over Ken Livingston or indeed anyone stigmatising people with mental illnesses.

For the media, particularly the right wing media do this as well. You only have to look at the way people with mental health illnesses are portrayed in horrible rags like The Sun and The Daily Mail as dangerous criminals, benefit scroungers, fakers and fraudsters.

The Daily Mail has disgracefully given platforms to ignorant TV personalities such as Janet Street Porter to clam that depression is just a “trendy fad illness” for middle class people.

On Twitter we see appalling people like Katie Hopkins dismiss depression as a nothing illness and tell people suffering with this often life destroying condition to just go for a walk and “get some fresh air”.

So the media cannot claim to take the moral high ground over Livingstone’s comments at all.

Also the right wing media are attacking him not so much for the tasteless and offensive insult he made but because he is a left wing figure.

You could bet your life that if a Tory made such disgusting comments about a fellow politician the right wing tabloids would be rushing to defend him and dismissing the rightful backlash as people being oversensitive and as “political correctness”.

But this does not in any way excuse what Ken Livingston said and not only was what he said disgusting but his initial refusal to apologise shows massive arrogance and ignorance towards those rightfully concerned about the damaging impacts stigmatising people with mental health illnesses can have.

He needs to wake up.


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