The Paris Attacks Has Created More Hate

On Monday a letter arrived telling me I have to go to a Work Capability Assessment next Thursday.

Then on Tuesday the phone lines on my road came down and we were without phone and broadband for five days.

For most of the week I have not been sleeping well and on Thursday night only got three hours of sleep. I went and saw my Dad yesterday and did not get back from Hemel Hempstead until gone eight at night.

I was going to write about all of these things in great detail but last night the appalling terrorist attacks happened in France and my problems once again pal into insignificance in comparison to what other people go through.

The callousness of people who would slaughter innocent civilians is shocking every time terrorist attacks happen and leaves anyone with any sense of human decency sickened that such people could actually exist.

Equally horrifying are some people trying to use these appalling attacks to insight hatred against Muslims and refugees. Yes the terrorists killing people in Paris were Muslim but to use that fact to attack everyone who is a Muslim or is a refugee is just disgusting.

The terrorists want hatred and division and these people are giving what they want! More hatred, more racism and more nastiness, it’s partly why terrorists do what they do, to sow the seeds of suspicion and mistrust amongst people of all races and religions.

The white supremacists who shot and killed black people in that church in America did it for those reasons and such evil actions only lead to further resentment and hatred amongst ordinary people.

Our politicians too use terrorist attacks to justify more violence around the world and it will not be long before Western governments are plunging us further into conflict in the middle East thanks to what happened in France yesterday.

This is so depressing and makes you despair at how people can be sometimes. It makes you fear for the future of the world and the human race.

It’s just so sad!


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