Suspicious Of Benefit TV Programmes’ Intentions

I just saw this on the Benefits Claimants Fightback Facebook page..


On the face of it this looks like a request for people on benefits to speak out against the punitive system that unfairly targets benefit claimants.

However I and others are deeply suspicious of this as programmes which feature people claiming benefits always end up making them look bad and framing claimants as scroungers and workshy etc.

Also people on the Benefits Claimant Facebook page have been talking about the woman behind this being well known for stitching up benefit claimants in sensational stories to make them look like workshy lazy shivers.

So it’s little wonder that people would distrust something like this.

Invariably TV programmes that focus on people on benefits such as Benefits Britain and the like are made to frame claimants as lazy feckless scroungers living off the “hard working” taxpayer and anyone with good intentions to give claimants a genuine voice to speak out about their experiences are not trusted.

You can’t blame people being suspicious about these programme makers intentions and perhaps to avoid the risk of benefit claimants being shown as scroungers and being subjected to hatred by the sections of the public it’s best if we all steered clear of things like this.


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