A Sense Of Dread Filling The Air

A sense of dread is filling the air! My appointment with Maximus tomorrow at 10am is causing me the utmost stress and foreboding.

Whilst I am trying to deal with my father needing to do move into a nursing home I have the threat of the Work Programme forcing me to look for work hanging over me.

Tomorrow I fear they will tell me what they have told my friend who also goes there, that I have to come in every week and that I have to look for voluntary work and that at the end of the year I will be reassessed and made to search for work 40 hours a week under threat of having my benefits stripped away.

Tomorrow I fear that my advisor will tell me I need to look for voluntary work and when I tell him that I am not ready to as I am going through all this stuff with my Dad he will tell me if I do not look I will be sanctioned.

And what will I do then? Well what I want to do is scream at him and call him all the horrible names under the sun. But then I will be sanctioned as they will say I am being aggressive as well as uncooperative and as the DWP look for any reason to take people’s money away they will use it against me.

The sensible thing would be to appeal and get advise to deal with whatever threats and demands that Maximus hurl my way. But I am struggling with my anxiety at the moment and would find approaching people for help very difficult.

The reality is Maximus do not and will not give a fuck what’s going on in my and any of the personal lives of their “customers”, all they care about is getting them back to work and no matter what their personal situation they only care if they are working and if they are not they will be unhappy.

As far as Ian Duncan Smith, the DWP and the Work Programme are concerned your personal problems and issues matter not one jot and all that matters is that you can and will now or at some point very soon will return to working to make the rich richer whilst you and everyone else gets poorer.

That’s what I and those of us on the Work Programme are up against and that’s why it’s so terrifying.


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