Volunteering Shouldn’t Be Mandatory

Admits all this talk of Maximus forcing me and others to look for voluntary work there is a vitally important point that needs to be made….

That volunteering should be VOLUNTARY!

Volunteering shouldn’t be something that is mandatory, it shouldn’t be something that anyone is made to do. Nobody should be forced to volunteer to do anything and they certainly should not be forced to volunteer under threat of any kind of punishment if they do not.

Voluntary work is now being used as a weapon against the unemployed as well as the sick and disabled by this government and the private sector work programme companies. It is being used to force benefit claimants to work unpaid not just for voluntary organisations and charities but for private big rich corporations that are supposed to pay people to work for them.

Companies like Poundland and Tesco are not voluntary organisations they are big corporations that exist to make a profit and sell things to the public. They make a profit so they are supposed to pay their employees to work for them and to do the work that enables them to make that profit in the first place.

But now these rich big corporations are using volunteering as a means of getting free unpaid labour from working class people and they are doing this aided by the government who provide them with people forced to “volunteer” for them under threat of having their benefits sanctioned if they do not do so.

But it’s not just corporations that are exploiting volunteering, charities are as well. Charities often rely on volunteers but they are using this reliance to get unemployed people to volunteer for them by force. This isn’t volunteering this forced labour.

Volunteering is a good thing and there are wonderful people out there who do it and with no thought for their own benefit. But when volunteering because enforced by the state and by rich private workfare companies it stops being voluntary work and becomes slave labour.

Volunteering needs to stay voluntary and not be something that’s enforced. To enforce it devalues volunteering and makes it look like a weapon against the poor and the venerable rather than something that is designed to help them.


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