A Stressed Fuelled Rant

Things are getting on top of me at the moment. I know there is so much big stuff to talk about, the tax credit cuts, the China state visit, the £1000 bottles of wine whilst people starve and die, but I just want to vent my spleen.

My Dad has to go into a care home as the hospital say he is not progressing and I have to get power of attorney from him to deal with his personal affairs as well as look for a home for him to go in.

I and my sister are trying to find a home near us foe him to go into so he can be near us, this will take him out of Watford and away from his friends.

I am worried his friends may start objecting to this, particularly one of his closest friends but frankly I am not prepared to take any shit from them. They can get on the train and come down here to see him and that’s the way it will have to be.

The power of attorney stuff is worrying me sick, I’ve never had to do any of this before and don’t have a clue what I am doing. Yes I have the support of my sister and my mother but it’s still frightening me half to death.

And admits all this I have Maximus to worry about. I am worried about them making me look for voluntary work and making me do job logs. I am worried what will happen if I cannot do this, ie if they will sanction me. If they stop my money whilst all thus stuff with my Dad is going on it will really damage my mental health.

I am just glad I have my family and my friends to support me. I couldn’t face any of this on my own and if I didn’t have them I would be screwed.

It would be too much!


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