It’s Lavish Banquets For The Rich And Austerity For Everyone Else

This morning The Artist Taxi Driver raged against the disgusting banquet for the China state visit. You can find him on Youtube as Chunkymark.

He said everything that those of us who oppose austerity and cuts for the poor feel, that a lavish banquet funded by the taxpayer where the rich can quaff on bottles of wine that cost over one thousand pounds is obscene on the very same day that this government is having tax credit cuts passed through Parliament.

It’s obscene when people are being subjected to benefit sanctions, workfare and the indignity of the cruel Work Capability Assessment. It’s obscene when the poorest and most vulnerable in our society are forced to rely on food banks and predatory pay day loan companies to be able to get the basics needed for human survival.

The right wing media tell the “taxpayer” that they are paying for “scroungers” on benefits to live a life on luxury on state “hand outs”, but the real scroungers are those unelected heads of state and grubby Tories in that banquet living the high life courtesy of ordinary people.

It’s one rule for the rich and one for everybody else. Lavish banquets for them and austerity and poverty for the rest of us.

We truly are living under divide and rule.


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