Jamie Oliver Can Fuck Off

Today Jamie Oliver went in front of Parliament and called for a sugar tax to help curb obesity amongst children.

At a time of rising poverty, social inequality and food banks a rich TV chef hectoring people over drinking sugary drinks can absolutely fuck off!

It’s not sugar which is the threat to children in this country, it’s poverty and starvation. Welfare sanctions, the bedroom tax and job cuts have created a situation where the poor cannot afford to feed themselves and their children.

We have parents taking their kids to food banks because they cannot afford to buy them food from supermarkets, yet we have wealthy TV celebrity chefs going on about kids guzzling fizzy drinks.

Well he can fuck off!

If he wanted to tackle the health problems of kids in this country he would address the growing inequality where parents are forced to feed their children on cheap processed food and go to food banks because their income has been stripped by this heartless Tory government.

Instead he runs to the Tories asking for sugar taxes. Yes the Tories are starving kids by cutting their parents benefits but hey as long as they pay more for a can of Pepsi they’ll be alight.

Well no it won’t a Jamie Oliver can fuck off!


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