Am I Being Spiteful?

Someone told me on a benefits claimants support group that my post on the Tory voting woman on Question Time crying over tax cuts was spiteful.

This person also told me that Jeremy Corbyn has asked Labour supporters not to react in the way that myself and others have. Indeed Corbyn has demonstrated support for this woman, talking about how she was lied to by the Tories who promised not to cut tax credits before the election.

Am I being spiteful in pointing out how if you vote Tory this is what you get? Am I being spiteful by asking why people think they can trust the Tories when they always lie and always support the rich at the expense of the majority of people in this country?

Yes I said I have no sympathy for her but that’s because I do not see how she can be upset when she voted for a party that attacks the poor and working people and she’s finding out that’s what they do.

I do not deny that she is suffering hardship because of the cuts to tax credits but that she really believed that the Tories would keep their word makes me struggle to feel sympathy.

Would I have sympathy for an unemployed person who voted Tory and who is now suffering under their harsh benefits sanctions and workfare regime and cries over it? I would have sympathy for his or her plight but I would struggle to have sympathy for his or her tears when they voted for a party that attacks unemployed people.

It’s not spiteful to question this woman’s voting choice and it’s not spiteful to say if anyone votes Tory they cannot be crying on national Television when the Tories attack them.

It’s a harsh lesson to be learned.


4 thoughts on “Am I Being Spiteful?

  1. I agree, mate, and so do others i know who are disabled. We discussed it last night and this woman was quite happy for the Tories to take it out on us. Beeb interviewed a similalrly shocked nursery worker on tv recently who came out with “Why can’t they take it from the unemployed instead of children?” – stupid cunt.

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    1. Take it out on the unemployed instead of children….fucking disgusting. Let’s take it from the rich instead of poor children and working class families.
      That’s classic divide and rule, turning working and non working people against each other. Scum all of them

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  2. Yep! Why doesn’t it occur to them that this all a con! I do appreciate calls for solidarity with these people who are victims as well without realising it, and of course the danger is it makes you as nasty as Tories if you hate back, but i think the campaign against the disabled and unfortunate has been so genuinely Nazi-like, that i think some of them could do with suffering a bit themselves.


    1. Dunno about anyone suffering themselves but working class people who vote Tory can and do learn the lesson that the Tories will always always lie and hurt you if you are not rich.


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