Carole Malone Is No Friend Of The Working Class

Carole Malone is fake socialist Tory stooge who feigns concern about tax credits hitting low paid workers whilst peddling the Tory mantra that people claiming benefits are “cheats” and “chancers” who live a better life than those who work..

Carole is no friend of the working class! She is just playing typical divide and rule pitting the deserving poor (those who work) against the undeserving poor (those who do not have a job for whatever reason).

She backs the nasty welfare cuts that leave people destitute and driven to food banks as “harsh but fair” (yeah cos slashing someone’s benefit because they were two minutes late for an appointment is “fair”) but she thinks cutting working tax credits is going too far.

She pushes the Tory rhetoric of workers vs shirkers and claims that working people see that people on benefits are living a better life than they are.

This is just divide and rule!

It stinks it’s shameful a Labour supporting newspaper like The Mirror is peddling Tory style crap like this!

Shame on them!


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