My Second Meeting With My New Maximus Advisor

Today I had my second appointment with my new advisor at Maximus. My appointment was at half ten and I didn’t get seen till eleven.

I arrived at just before ten and at about ten past the receptionist called out to my advisor to remind him that he had another “customer” at ten who was still sitting there waiting.

After about five minutes he called the guy over and whilst he was seeing him a woman turned up and the manager came over and asked me and her who we were seeing and we both said the name of the same advisor and low and behold he had booked both of us at half ten. Oh fucking great!

Anyway once he had finished with the guy he had been seeing (at around half past) he came over to me and the woman who had double booked and said “Who was first?”. The woman piped up and asked if she could see him very quickly and he looked at me and I said ok and she went over to talk to him.

This “very quickly” turned into a full half an hour during which time his “very quick” meeting with this woman was interrupted by him taking two phone calls (my previous advisor never took calls whilst she was seeing a client as far as I saw and was aware of) and at one point even leaving the building for something.

I was getting annoyed and at eleven I asked the receptionist if my advisor was going to be long and she said “You should have gone before that lady” before calling my advisor to ask if he was nearly done.

Er well excuse me for being generous!

Anyway at about just after eleven he finished with the lady and called me over. He didn’t say much to me, just asked me if I was doing voluntary work (I am not) and then booked me another appointment in two weeks.

This was a stark contrast to two weeks ago at our first appointment when my Mum came with me and he asked me how I was, offered me a glass of water and actually engaged in a conversation.

I get the impression he just likes to get some of his clients in and out ASAP, which does actually suit me fine but I wouldn’t mind not being kept waiting and having a bit of interaction.

Anyway I bumped into the woman he saw before me at the bus stop and she was as exasperated by his lateness as me. I get the idea that maybe a few more of his clients feel that way too.

So I await the next appointment with unabated breath. Hey ho.


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