We Don’t Know If Cameron Fucked A Pig But We Know He Fucks The Poor


The allegations that David Cameron put his private part in a pig when he was studying at Oxford University has dominated the news and has got social media exploding with piss taking of our cxxt of a Prime Minister.

Yeah nobody knows if it’s true or not but the jokes have been coming thick and fast and the are all hilarious. Anything that puts a Tory, especially a Tory Prime Minister at the mercy of mocking and ridicule is good.

Cameron is privileged enough to handle it and he has enough aids and PR lackeys to spin it all away and make the mainstream mostly Tory butt kissing media push it all aside.

But whilst they debate whether or not Cameron fucks animals the rest of us are more bothered about how he fucks the poor, the sick and the disabled.

He’s been fucking them for the last five years, he’s been screwing the most poorest and venerable in our country for five whole years, and he’s gonna be screwing them for five more.

Benefit cuts, sanctions, A&E closures, mental health services cut and food banks. These are things that David Cameron has been screwing the poor with.

Cameron and his rich mates want the poor to get down and suck their love truncheons! He and they want the poor to work for their benefits, they want them to starve if they turn up one minute late for a Jobcentre appointment and they want them to pay for the damage to the economy they have caused.

The Tories fuck the poor everyday! We don’t know if David Cameron fucked a pig but we DO know he fucks the poor. They will always be his bitch!


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