More Stress And Feeling Bad Talking About Myself

I know I have been very selfish recently as I have been talking about myself a lot recently whilst there have been all sorts of big and bad things going on in the world of attacks on welfare and on the poor and most vulnerable in our society.

Unfortunately things have escalated for me today as I got myself into a violent altercation with two street drinkers outside my home. There have been a recurring problem with drinkers outside my flat and usually we just call the police to get rid of them but today I was so wound up I just lost it, and well it wasn’t pretty.

My father is still in hospital, obviously and I am getting more stressed about Maximus especially as my friend informed me of her meeting with our new advisor. He made a joke about him having a job lined up for the next day and that if she didn’t go she would be sanctioned.

I find it disgusting that an employment advisor working for or on behalf of the DWP would make jokes about sanctioninA people’s benefits when there has been people dying because their benefits were cut off.

It would be disgusting anyway but even more so in this current climate of mass welfare sanctions and cuts. But this is what you get when we live in a society where the mantra is “I’m alright Jack” and people don’t give a shit about others suffering as long as it’s not happening to them.

These people need to remember that it might be THEIR job that gets cut and they could end up on benefits where they could find themselves sanctioned and going without food, heating or other essentials. They might have a different outlook on all this then.

Over the next few days I will try and focus more on what’s been happening with the cuts and the justified uproar about the effects of welfare sanctions.

People are dying and the Tories don’t care. It’s time to fight back NOW!


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