Maximus Appointment Cancelled

I called Maximus this morning and spoke to my new advisor and told him that I cannot attend my appointment tomorrow due to my father having a stroke and being in hospital.

He said he would send me another letter, which is totally different to how my old advisor would have dealt with this as she would have made me a new appointment there and then.

I am in two minds about this. On the one hand I am glad as it gives me some breathing space but on the other it seems a bit lazy on my advisor’s part.

But anyway I still got a reminder text telling me my appointment is tomorrow, which shows he has not bothered to cancel it. So to stop myself being at risk of being sanctioned for non attendance I sent an email to the manager putting it in writing that I cannot attend the appointment.

I am always covering my tracks because I just know they will try and take a chance to sanction me if they can. This is the easy life people on benefits lead eh?

Oh yeah.


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