Dad Sick In Hospital And Maximus Worry

My Dad is in hospital after suffering a stroke on Sunday morning. To make matters worse he lives in Watford and I and my sister live in Walthamstow so it’s a long journey to get to him.

We have gone up there by tube, train and taxi for two days and will be going again tomorrow. This is of course causing us lots of stress and I have an appointment with Maximus on Thursday.

I am worrying if I will need to cancel it if I need to go to see my Dad on Thursday. I know if my old advisor was still there she would say it’s ok and I could rearrange the appointment so I can go and see my Dad but I am worrying as I am due to see my new advisor and he may not be as understanding.

I know he can not punish me for going to see a close family member who’s sick in hospital but I have heard of people being sanctioned for not attending work programme and Jobcentre appointments because they needed to be with an ill relative even when they had contacted the provider or Jobcentre and informed them of the need to cancel the appointment.

I am of course stressing that this new advisor wild attempt to put even more pressure on me to return to work than my previous advisor did and try to sanction me if I do not comply.

All of this is causing me such stress. I just hope my Dad gets better and that Maximus do not cause me undue stress and anxiety.

We shall see.


One thought on “Dad Sick In Hospital And Maximus Worry

  1. Reblogged this on perfectlyfadeddelusions and commented:
    I’m sorry to hear about your dad, I know traveling up to London to go to hospital is stressful, and worse when you have a family member ill. I hope he gets better soon, and is able to slowly get better and independent.

    I will see Thursday, but if the advisor says anything, just be truthful and say you’re stressing me. He has no right to do that, and you have every right to say no.

    Sending big hugs to you, your sister, and dad.


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