Welcome To The Hard Life…Or Perhaps Not

So I have had my last meeting with my ESA advisor at Maximus and have been told who I will be seeing after she’s left.

She originally told me that it was one guy who when said to me “Welcome to the hard life”. Oh really? The hard life? By that he means he will subject me to a tougher way then the advisor I have had treated me.

But my advisor then told me that it’s another guy who I am seeing, who from what I have observed seems pretty laid back and I am hoping he’s not as overwhelming as the advisor who is leaving.

My advisor booked my an appointment with the new advisor for the 3rd of September, which is in two weeks time. This I found odd as my current advisor had been booking me weekly appointments but maybe the new one that I am going to be seeing doesn’t like appointments with his “customers” to be so close together.

When I went to the Jobcentre for my “work focused interview” last July I was told that I would go to Maximus maybe every two weeks but soon I found that my advisor there wanted me to come in every week and she even suggested that I might come in twice a week.

And in some cases I did come in twice a week as I was called into group session “workshops” the same week as I had a one to one appointment with my advisor.

I am hoping the new advisor I am seeing is laid back and does not want to bother getting me in every week. He seems a bit like that but I may be judging him too quickly.

Well I am just going to have to wait until the third to find out. Hey ho.


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