DWP Admit To Making Up Fake Benefit Claimaints For Propaganda Justifying Sanctions

The DWP are exposed as liars, fraudsters and scum..


The depths which the DWP and this government will sink to in order to try and justify the crime of benefit sanctions is here for all to see.

The fact that the DWP have had to admit to faking quotes from made up benefit claimants on leaflets trying to defend sanctions shows how unpopular they are and how low the government will go to attempt to justify removing the income of the most vulnerable people in our society and leaving people destitute and starving.

The fake stories on the leaflets are so blatantly fake as benefit claimants who have been sanctioned would never say that their sanction was a positive thing and helped them in any way.

Benefit sanctions are not positive they are a criminal attack on the poor and the vulnerable and leave people without food, heating and the very basic things they need they to survive.

The vile propaganda of this government trying to justify benefit sanctions has been exposed as a lie and the DWP are fraudsters who should be hung out to try.


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