Awake And Anxious

It’s 1.23am and I am awake worrying my ass off.

This week my ESA advisor at Maximus is leaving and I and her other ESA “customers” will be lumped with one of the other remaining advisors all of whom mostly work with JSA claimants.

As far as I can see most of them look and sound like right royal pains in the butt and I am dreading having to deal with them.

I have actually heard from another member of staff (who has now left Maximus) that one of the advisors who I could possibly be placed with likes to play practical jokes on his collegues.

Yeah sounds like a proper professional person eh?

The other one looks and sounds like a school headmistress, the type of headmistress who would terrify the fuck out of the most gobby of kids in the school.

There was two other advisors who actually seemed nice but they have both left. I would not have minded being placed with them as one of them at least seemed very understanding of the problems people with illnessss and disabilities face getting through life let alone returning to the workplace.

She also seemed totally against the government’s drive to force unemployed, sick and disabled people into jobs where as the advisor I have now who is leaving seems to support it and the chances are the new one I get does too.

I am dreading having to meet with whoever I am allocated to and fear he or she will treat me like a JSA person and subject me to the same harsh rules and threats of benefit sanction if I do not comply with whatever he or she tells me to do.

All this is making me really anxious and disrupting my sleep. But again people keep telling us that life on benefits is an easy ride and a load of fun.

Yeah?  Fuck off!


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