Are ESA Claimants Mandated To Look For Work?

I and a friend of mine who uses the Maximus I go to were at a group session today and our advisor asked us both to fill in job search sheet.

She’d never asked us to fill in one of these before but she asked us to do one today as there were commissioners in and they want customers doing job searches regardless of whether they are on JSA or ESA.

If this is true then it’s total fucking bollocks! ESA clients on the work programme should not be required to do job searches and they should not be treated like JSA claimants,

JSA claimants are mandated to do a certain number of job searches and if they do not they get their benefit taken away, which is shit enough and ESA claimants should not be lumped in with them.

I would be horrified to discover if ESA claimants are being forced to do job searches under threat of their benefits being taken away but it wouldn’t be a surprise to find that this is happening.

The government want to force the sick and disabled into work and will resort to sanctioning their benefits to do so. It would be little surprise to find the sick and disabled are being forced into work but it would be a total disgrace.


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