Come On Back To Work You Cancer Scroungers (TORY BOOT)

Yeah go on get back to work you cancel benefit scrounger..

Yeah dam right! These terminally ill people with their cancers and the like can get back to bloody work! It’s high time the jard working taxpayer didn’t have to pay for these people to lay around with cancer at their expense.

Come on now, back to chuffing work! Come on, forget that treatment, get off that chemo therapy and get a fucking job! What? WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU ARE TOO SICK? TOO FUCKING SICK? FUCK OFF!

Don’t you realise we have bankers bonuses to pay for? Don’t you care that the Royal Family have just popped out another kid and they need money for another gold lined cot? You fucking selfish bastard!

It’s people like you cancer sufferers who are bleeding us dry! Now get down that Jobcentre and down to A4E and Maximus and get a bloody job,



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