My ESA Advisor Is Leaving

So yesterday my advisors at Maximus told me and another of her “customers” (I use the word customers in inverted quote marks as I do not think we are customers at all) that she is leaving.

Many members of staff at the branch of Maximus I go to have left over the past month, including several employment advisors and one of the reception staff. The reasons for this could be those staff members wanting a better job or a change of direction or it could be because of the Work Programme stagnating at present and a lack of benefit claimants being referred over from the Jobcentre.

The latter is more likely and when the government starts to turn the screw on people on JSA and in the WRAG group of ESA it will pick up again as WP providers up the anti to try and coerce people on benefits into work.

I am more than worried about what is going to happen to me when my advisor leaves. She told me I will be seen by one of the other advisors, none of whom as far as I know have any understanding of claimants on ESA. The other advisors are all working with JSA claimants and my current advisor is the only ESA advisor who works at this branch of Maximus.

It’s likely they are even more targets driven as she is and I am fretting that they will put me under pressure. Of course I cannot do anything about what is going to happen and I am trying to put off thinking about it as my advisor isn’t going until the middle of next month.

But that isn’t really that long away and I know I am going to have to psyche myself up to deal with the change over and deal with the new advisor when I get him or her.

The media and government claim being on sickness/disability benefits is an easy life but with dealing with stuff like this it clearly is not.


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