What The Work Programme Is Really For

We hear a constant stream of bullshit from the government and the media about how the Work Programme is about getting people jobs and hauling them out of poverty.

But in reality the Work Programme was created and exists for two specific purpose. And they are as follows..

1.Filling vacancies that most people will not take and do not want.

2.Allowing employers to get free unpaid labour.

We all know about the second because workfare has been well publicised because of the wave of protests by anti slave labour campaigners which has resulted in several major high profile big companies pulling out of it.

But the first one people are less aware of and do not see how it works. Basically the government is helping employers fill vacancies that they themselves cannot fill because most people whether in or out of work are not applying for them or taking them up.

So what the government and the DWP/Job Centre are doing is using Work Programme providers to force JSA claimants to apply for and take up these vacancies under threat of having their benefits stopped if they refuse to do so.

Many of these vacancies are very low paid jobs such as call centre or cleaning jobs that most people do not go for because they simply do not pay enough, and also because some of them are just horrible jobs that lots of people do not want to touch with a barge pole.

The government, the JCP and the WP provider’s attitude is all “Well it’s a job innit and it means you won’t be taking money off hard working taxpayers, so take it or starve!” And that’s what they do, tell people they have to take up these low paid crap jobs or else they will cut their benefits off.

And it’s actually not just people on JSA they are trying to force into these jobs, the WP attempts to get disabled and sick people on ESA to apply for them to. Although they cannot mandate people on ESA to apply for or take up work, and they cannot sanction ESA claimants for not taking up any vacancy, they still try and shoehorn them into applying.

And it’s very likely that some advisors working with ESA claimants on the Work Programme lie to some of their most vulnerable customers that their benefits can be stopped if they do not apply for or take up a job in order to frighten them into doing so.

The reality of the Work Programme is that it has been set up to help companies fill vacancies they cannot otherwise and to get free unpaid labour for big rich corporations who want to increase their profits by not paying their staff to do the jobs that help them make such huge profits in the first place.

The government and the media lie that it’s about getting people into good sustainable jobs or lifting people out of poverty. It’s all about helping the rich get richer and by dumping on the poorest in our society.

It’s all one big nasty scam.


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