Matthew Oakley And The Policy Exchange, The Scum Behind The Tories War On The Poor

Many people wonder where the Tories get their ideas on how to punish, abuse and starve the poor from. Do they all sit around a table making lists of ways they can cut the benefits of the unemployed, the sick and the disabled?

Well yeah they probably do but one of the chief ways they come up with their evil ideas is from think tanks groups set up to come up with ideas for new government policies. These think tanks are usually made up of people with bigoted nasty attitudes towards people on benefits and who think benefit claimants must be made to work for their welfare or be sanctioned.

The chief think tank that influences and helps form this government’s welfare policies is The Policy Exchange, a vitriolic right wing group who firmly belief that the unemployed must be made to work for their benefits and who want the government to impose ever more punitive conditions on welfare recipients in order for them to able to claim benefits.

One of the main driving forces in The Policy Exchange’s influence on this government’s welfare reform programme is Matthew Oakley who was appointed by the Tories at a heafty cost to the taxpayer to produce reports into welfare reform where he advocates ever more sanctions on the unemployed.

Oakley is a firm advocate of the Tories failed workfare programme and propagates the right wing viewpoint that the unemployed should have to work in return for their benefits..

He also published a report where he advocates a points based system for unemployed people claiming benefits where job seekers would have to meet certain criteria in order to get enough points each week to be able to get their benefits paid..

Both Matthew Oakley and the Policy Exchange are little more than Tory stooges who want to see the poorest in our country made to pay for the problems caused by the richest. They want ever more punitive sanctions imposed on benefit claimants and for them to literally have to jump through hoops in order to claim a measly 71 quid a week.

Both he and this vile think tank are utter scum and they are responsible for much of the nasty policies of this Tory government that plunge the poor into even more poverty.

They are utter scum and they deserve all the shit hurled their way.


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