IDS Fuck Off You Wanker


Ian Duncan Smith in The Sun today..


He once again peddles the vile rhetoric of people on benefits being a burden on the taxpayer.

He asks Labour if they are going to stand up for people who work hard and “do the right thing”. Yeah like his party stand up for people who do the right thing! Yeah because tax dodgers, greedy bankers and corporate thieving criminals are people who are doing the right thing.

The Tories stand up for the rich, the bosses and big business who steal from working people with their off shore accounts and tax havens. They stand up for their rich mates who they help to get ever richer whilst the poor get poorer.

He talks of how welfare should be a safety net for those in “genuine” need thus pushing the idea of the deserving and undeserving poor.

Ian Duncan Smith is a vile human being and he celebrates cutting benefits and plunging people into further poverty. He’s scum and so is The Sun who pushes his propaganda.

Fuck off!


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