IDS Is Scum And So Are Think Tanks Like Reform

Ian Duncan Smith says cutting sickness benefit will incentivise the sick and disabled to get a job.


We all know that the cuts to welfare are not about helping anyone get jobs but about making the poor pay for the problems created by the rich.

IDS’ grotesque ideology is backed up by a “think tank” called Reform who in the media this week claimed people are claiming benefits out of choice and are seeking to get on a “welfare ladder”.

Yes this is the kind of vile scum who are pushing this Tory government to further attack the poor, the sick and the disabled with ever more punitive conditions for claiming benefits and more and more cuts to welfare.

Such “think tanks” operate as the voices of the nasty uncaring middle class right wing voters who do not give a shit about the poor and those with disabilities and illnesses suffering and dying because of benefit sanctions. The only thing they care about is seeing their taxes not spent on those they label as “scroungers” and as “workshy” and who they deem to be socially undesirable in their privileged outlook on life.

They don’t care if people kill themselves because of the despair caused by benefit cuts and sanctions they just care if they can save some money for another holiday to Tuscany.

Ian Duncan Smith is scum and think tanks like Reform are scum too. The scum are the rich who want the poor, the sick and the disabled to pay for the destruction to our economy they are responsible for.

And they are the real scroungers!


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