Peeved At Maximus

I received a call from Maximums this morning. I missed the call but a voice message was left on my phone by the receptionist who told me my appointment with my advisor today had been cancelled as she was not in.

Now I didn’t even know I had an appointment with my advisor today. She has been away on holiday for two weeks and is due back this week. I had not received any notification of any kind that I was due to see her today, not a letter, phone call or text message.

I phoned back and spoke to the receptionist and told her this and she just dismissed this and told me not to worry and that my advisor would call m when she is in and arrange an appointment with me.

It goes without saying that had my advisor been in today and had I not attended the original appointment then I could be at risk of having my ESA stopped.

The fact that I had received no prior notification of this appointment means I would not have attended it had It gone ahead and I could be facing a sanction. Suffice to say I am more than a little peeved.


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