Feeling Grumpy Tonight

Tonight I am in a grumpy mood. I have to be in at my work programme center tomorrow morning at 10.30am for a group session I was told I had to go on without being informed beforehand and which I seriously am not looking forward to.

So far I have attended one to one appointments with my adviser and a few group sessions which I had been told I was to attend before the groups were arranged and the letters were sent out.

But this one was suddenly sprung on me, last Saturday I received the letter telling me I am to attend this group session and of course if I do not my benefit could be affected.

On Monday I saw my adviser and asked her what the group session is about and she told me it’s a care work job search session. Now I have expressed an interest in care work and recently did a health and social care course. However my health problems are standing in the way at the moment and I do not feel confident in applying as of yet, but my adviser is starting to tell me she thinks I am ready to apply.

The group session is being run by an adviser I have never met with before and I am worried about what it will entail and what I will be expected to do.

I am worrying that I will be lumped with JSA claimants (I am on ESA) and treated as if I am expected to look for work and then will have pressure put on me to apply for and take a job and told if I do not I will be sanctioned.

However I am well aware that work programme staff cannot mandate ESA claimants to apply for or take up work, as they can with JSA claimants. If I find myself feeling under pressure I want to be able to stand my ground and tell them they cannot pressure me but of course I do not feel confident in doing so.

I am feeling very stressed out tonight, also because I have another group session with the same center in the afternoon and will have to make two double bus trips. So I will practically be there all day, oh fucking joy.

But hey they need to get me off benefits quickly in order to save the hard working taxpayer who reads the Daily fucking Mail some cash so they can have an extra holiday to tuscany eh?



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