Benefits Street’s Return Is No Coincidence

Today the fantastic Artist Taxi Driver is asking whether the return of the appalling Benefits Street on Channel 4 yesterday is a coincidence days after the Tories held onto power after the general election.

The answer of course is…FUCK NO!!!

Just days after the Tories won the election and promised £12 billion of cuts to welfare the TV programme that pushes the propaganda of this government and the right-wing tabloid press returns to our screens to further portray benefit claimants as scrounging scum and insight the British public into a cacophony of hatred and spite.

And last night the hatred and spite was in full force as people took to social media to spew hateful bile at those featured in the programme.

On Twitter the word “scum” was banded about a lot and there were calls for the parents in the show to be sterilized. And of course one of those spewing the hate out was Katie Hopkins who delighted in the misery and misfortune of the people on Benefits Street with all the vigor of someone watching a 19th century circus freak show.

Benefits Street appeals to nasty inhumane filth like Katie Hopkins. It gives sick and twisted satisfaction to those who want to gawp at people at the bottom heap of society and to feel they are superior and revel in other people’s misery.

It feeds into society’s need to look down on others and treat others as lesser human beings merely because they do not fit into what is deemed as socially acceptable.

This nasty show will get even more viewers as this Tory government rams home the message that cuts to welfare are justified because of the need to curb the “scroungers” and to “crackdown” on those they claim make welfare a “lifestyle choice”.

Benefits Street is a nasty piece of Tory right-wing propaganda against the poor. It is no coincidence that it has returned to our screens days after those who want to hurt the poor are reelected.


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