IDS Is Back And He’s Coming To Get You!

ids wanker

Ian Duncan Smith is back! He’s been reappointed as Work and Pensions Secretary and he’s ready to get stuck in and cut £12 billion off the welfare budget.

That’s right, IDS is coming to get you! YOU!!! You the sick, you the disabled, you the unemployed…he’s coming to get YOU!

And he doesn’t give a shit if you voted Tory! If you are sick, or disabled, or unemployed you are in his sights! You are in his line of fire! He has the cross hairs off his rifle lined up on you and he’s ready to pull the trigger!


He doesn’t care if you are sick or disabled! He’s coming for you and he will make you work, even if you have to work for your £71 a week! That’s right he will make you WORK!

And he’s doing it on behalf of all those that voted Tory last Thursday. All those people who voted for five more years of benefit cuts, sanctions and workfare. And he’s bloody glad for those people, glad that they have given him another five years to set his sights on the sick, the disabled and the unemployed.

Because those are the people he feels need going after. Not the bankers, not the tax dodgers, not the corporate swindlers, no the sick, the disabled and the unemployed are the ones he feels need reigning in, cracking down on and given a good swift hard kick up the arse.

So if you are one of those people he’s coming for you. If he hasen’t already got you! It’s only a matter of time.

Watch out!


2 thoughts on “IDS Is Back And He’s Coming To Get You!

  1. Comparing quotes that we should never forget

    Rudolf Höss adopted “Work Makes You Free” the motto of Auschwitz / Dachau

    Ian Duncan smith “Work helps free people”

    We should not let Ian Duncan Smith target and persecute the most vulnerable people in our society and turn them into his “nation of slaves”.


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