Katie Hopkins Cannot Be Ignored Because She Is The Voice Of The Powerful

Katie Hopkins is still in The Sun despite her views about migrants being cockroaches. Today she was attacking food bank users calling them “fatcats” and saying they are not people in need but people on the take who are looking to bag free food and free nappies.

There are those who say we should ignore Hopkins and her disgusting views about migrants and benefit claimants. They say if we ignore her and starve her of publicity she will wither and go away. They say that by getting outraged by her views and speak out her against we are giving her.

But Katie Hopkins cannot be ignored, not just because her bigoted views are vile and feed into racism and bigotry but because her views reflect the policy of those in power.

Her views on food banks and benefit “scroungers” reflect the views of those who make policies which impact on the lives of the poorest in our society.

Her view that those using food banks are scroungers on the take looking for a freebie are the views of those in power who have driven the poor to using food banks in the first place.

The views of Katie Hopkins, The Sun and the mainstream media on benefit claimants, food banks and the poor are the views of the government, the powerful and those who make the laws that subject benefit claimants to sanctions and plunge them into further poverty and starvation.

Hopkins is the emodiment of the establishment, of the ruling classes and her views reflect that of those who wield power over the poorest.

That is why her views cannot be ignored, because her views are that of those who’s bigotry causes suffering for so many.


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