The Tories Promise More Poverty For The Poor And More Perks For The Rich

The Sun newspaper celebrated today as the Tories promised a whole new raft of policies to attack immigrants, the poor and to benefit the rich.

Theresa May was in there vowing that immigrants from the EU looking for work in Britain would not get any out of work benefits and if they don’t find a job within six months they would be booted out of the country.

The Sun cheered as the Tories promised they would get rid of inheritance tax which would benefit the richest in this country.

Racism and attacks on the poorest in our society go hand in hand. Scapegoating immigrants and the poor for the problems our society faces which have been caused by the rich.

Immigrants are as big a target as benefit claimants, blamed for a lack of jobs and at the same time accused of taking “our” benefits and milking the benefits system. Racists cannot decide whether immigrants are stealing British jobs or languishing about on benefits.

All of these more poverty for the poor and more perks for the rich, which is what the Tories stand for and what The Sun stand for.



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